Diana (29),

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"I am a positive, kind, sincere, empathic gal. I like to travel to beautiful historical cities. I enjoy architecture by walking through the medieval streets of famous European cities."
Diana stellt sich vor:
Alter / Familienstand: 29 (Waage) / ledig
Kinder: Keine; Ich wünsche mir (weitere) Kinder
Wohnort: Grossraum Minsk [Karte] (Weissrussland)
Nationalität: Weissrussin
Aussehen: 168 cm / 48 kg; Augen braun, Haare blond gefärbt
Über mich:
"Hi guys, thank you for checking my profile. I’m Diana.

I am a positive, kind, sincere, empathic gal. I like to travel to beautiful historical cities. I enjoy architecture by walking through the medieval streets of famous European cities.
I love museums, art exhibitions, famous art galleries. I am fond of history, I am especially interested in the topic of the royal family of the House of Romanov. I wonder if you have ever heard anything about them or I would be the first one who would tell you their story? ?

I like to swim and I'm visiting the pool next to my home. If to say honestly, I prefer to swim in salty seawater and rest at comfortable seaside resorts. It would be great if you would like a seaside vacation as well.

My first degree is in law. I can't say that I don't like it, but one day I realize it doesn't inspire me as much as I would like to, so I've decided to change my career and become a cosmetologist. Working with women, making them brighter and more confident makes me feel happier about my career.
I also believe that it is very important to maintain health, take care of your body and appearance.

I prefer an elegant feminine style of clothing. I believe that sportswear is appropriate only in the gym, and an elegant dress with heels, respectively, in a fancy restaurant, opera, or ballet.

I can support discussions on world politics and economics.
Thus, I am a mix of feminine wisdom and a true lady.

I would like to meet a guy who knows what he wants in life, who sets far-reaching goals and implements them step by step, a family-oriented guy, ideally, with traditional family values.
It is important for me that our interests were similar in something else besides family traditions.
It would be great if you also enjoy traveling to different countries and like to immerse yourself in a new culture by studying it through local cuisine and art.

I like open, honest, positive, kind, generous, and romantic people. I love when a guy arranges pleasant romantic surprises for me, like giving flowers with no occasion.
It would be great if you were staying in good physical shape and taking care of your health and your appearance.

I would be happy to build a relationship full of love, trust, and joy. I am ready to support and inspire my life partner and be there for him when he needs me.
By the way, I am also a business coach. I am sure my profession will be useful in building and running your own business.

If you feel we have a lot in common, send me a message, and let's get to know each other better."
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zu Hause
Kochen / Backen
trifft nicht zu trifft zu
Extraversion / Geselligkeit: Gesamt:
Ich bin eher zurückhaltend und ruhig.
In Gesellschaft bin ich lustig und lache viel.
Ich mag es auf einer Party im Mittelpunkt zu stehen.
Ich bin auch sehr gerne allein.
Emotionale Stabilität / Gelassenheit: Gesamt:
Ich bin sehr sensibel und verletzlich.
Ich bin manchmal launisch.
Meine Freunde sagen, dass ich eine selbstbewusste Frau bin.
Ich bin so schnell durch nichts aus der Fassung zu bringen.
Gewissenhaftigkeit / Selbstkontrolle: Gesamt:
Ich bin ein eher chaotischer Mensch.
Am liebsten lebe ich in den Tag hinein und plane nichts.
Ich bin zielstrebig und gebe nicht so schnell auf, wenn ich mir etwas vorgenommen habe.
Ich bin ein sehr ordentlicher Mensch.
Gutmütigkeit / Verträglichkeit: Gesamt:
Neuen Menschen gegenüber bin ich zunächst misstrauisch.
Ich bin sehr hilfsbereit und sorge mich um andere Menschen.
Mit manchen Menschen komme ich einfach nicht klar.
Ich glaube an das Gute im Menschen.
Offenheit für Erfahrungen: Gesamt:
Ich bin originell und habe oft neue Ideen.
Neuem gegenüber bin ich eher vorsichtig.
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Kunst, Musik und Kultur.
Traditionen und alte Werte sind mir sehr wichtig.
Mein Idealmann:
Alter: 28-44 Jahre
Grösse: 180-200 cm
Eigenschaften: humorvoll, familienorientiert, beruflich erfolgreich, finanziell abgesichert, intelligent, zuverlässig
Darf mein Partner Kinder haben? Ja, aber nur Kinder, die die meiste Zeit bei der Mutter wohnen
Religion meines Partners: christlich
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